Toca Hair Salon 3 App yorumlar

Love it!

Something i would love is making to were you can like other hairstyles that people have done and they can like yours :) kinda like fb! That would be so awesome


I love this game I only have one suggestion maybe the people could give like an order and then you do their hair how they want it then you could get coins when your done

AMAZING GAMES...But here’s an idea! 💡

Sooo I LOVE all of your Toca Life games! But, here’s an idea! You could do a do-it-yourself mash-up of all the games, like Toca Life: Toca Country! There’d be ALL of the games mixed together in one! And by do-it-yourself I mean like you could design a character, clothes, cars, buildings, etc! Plus, you should add a spa, mall, big restaurant, doctor office, dentist, all the things you’d see in a country! Thx for reading!


i want a refund

This app is amazing, but I have a suggestion.

This app has so many great features that are so fun, but it would help if you could let us turn the person around so that we can get the back of their head. Also it would be great if the people could give orders and rate you or make an expression to show if they like it or not. And maybe with those ratings you could get coins to get more characters, clothing styles, etc. Another thing is that if you could braid the persons hair by yourself or make a fishtail braid or something like that would be amazing! Also if you could let us put the brain or ponytail over the shoulder for a picture that would be great! If you take these suggestions then that would be amazing!

Amaze and addictive

So addictive and fun!great game!

Some advertisements.

,Have fun

Hey Toca Boca Fans!

If you have ever played any of Toca Boca’s games, you would have found that the graphics are childish and colorful. Well Toca Hair Salon 3 has all of that. Also I love how most of the characters look transgender, so kids can play anyway they want, with whoever they please. I love that they took the time to make a cool background, and a window that you can see the weather out of. -Molly 😀

It's AMAZING!!!!😍😘😍😚😘😍😘😍😍😍

I love ❤️ it!! You can make so many cool 😎 hairstyles! You can dye their hair cut it,braid it cut! It's the best game in the universe!!!!!😜😛😝🤑You test people take pictures and give them lots of stickers. You should totally get it. If you don't then you're a Phsycho!!😫😠☹️😖😐😤😠😭😭🤢😴😢🤢🤤😴😴You have to get It.

Hair Salon 4!!

I'm 14 and I love Toca Boca, especially this game... Please make a Hair salon 4, I would buy it in a heartbeat :) I also suggest adding more characters in the game.

Great app

This is such a fun game. I play it all the time. But one thing that you should be able to do is turn the characters around in their chance so can you please add that.

Amazing but there are two changes I would like to talk about.

I really love this app it’s amazing and I play it all the time. But there are just two things that I would really like to change. One is I would like to interact with the characters more than is provided. I would like you to walk around the town in the background that has been presented. And I would also prefer for them to tell you if they like the hairstyle or not. It will just make it be so much better for the younger viewers out there making sure that they know what people want. How to charm people to make them a close friend. By the way they should also write down the hairstyle that you want you can have challenge mode or freestyle mode. Can you please contact me after for me to tell you what I would like because I am a kid and I would like to give you what most kids would probably like. Can you please send on the email so I can tell you what I would really wants and how we could fix things.???? Please please please because I want to make kids feel happier playing this game not like I’m saying at the game isn’t good I just want to improve something‘s.

Wow!& suggestions

I absolutely cannot stop playing this game! The graphics are adorable,the characters are creative,& there is everything you could dream of! But here are some wild suggestions,Toca hair salon:pets. You could have so many pets to choose from, and you could do wild hair styles.Toca Life:pets,you Could have a mall with clothes for the pets,a pet department store for all your needs of beds,food,etc,maybe a HUGE pet store with so many pets you cannot imagine like even zoo animals. My sister is in love with giraffes, and that would be really cool for her,and knowing that you guys are amazing at making awesome games that anyone could enjoy,I bet with your personalty, you could make any game possible.🤗 Keep up all of your amazing work, Thank you!


So fun and inventive.


I really enjoy this game, and find it easy to use. If you decide to make a Toca Hair Salon 4, maybe you can make it where you can rotate them 360 so you can cut their hair from the sides and back too. Also you could add an option for highlights.

More games, please!

I am addicted to Toca Boca and Toca Life games. But................ I really think u should make some new toca life games.#l: Toca Life: Spa; You can do makeup, nails, toes, hair, and chose their outfits. It could be for free or for $1.00. #2: Toca Life: Holiday’s; You can chose different holiday’s and then play.(Christmas=buy gifts, fly Santa around the world, see the different scenes from all the different toca life apps, open presents, have parties/go to parties, etc.)#3: Toca Life: Mix up; From all of the games, you can make your own stories, play with all the characters, etc. Thank u for reading my suggestions! Please consider them!

Worth the money

Totally worth the money this game comes with so much stuff to do really good game to play if you’re bored.Never gets old!

Awesome app!!!!!!🤩

This app is so amazing when I first got it you can do so many things like you can put their hair in a ponytail you can put their hair in braids you can just leave it down you can even put in a bun! You can do so many different things there’s a beard for boys there’s all different types of colors it’s just like a real hair salon but with so many more cool things . I think this is a really good app you can also change their clothes you can also change what their hair looks like when you start out with somebody you can make them look so different it’s so cool!! But I do have a couple suggestions maybe you can have a place where it’s just do hair because sometimes I’m trying to cut their hair grow bottle that’s my way but I think that you should also be able to turn them around so you can see the back of their hair and so that the hair still get in your way when you’re trying to do an antique style but otherwise this is an amazing app

So cute!!

I love this game so much, even though I paid for it, it was really worth it. One thing I would change is to have A photo album in the game so you can look back on different hairstyles - that would be a great addition!!!!! The characters are so cute and expressive, I absolutely recommend this to everyone! ♥️

Good but needs improvements

I like this game but it kinda gets old you know so maybe you can add new characters. Two the people can give you notes on how to do their hair for example I want long poofy red hair with blue hair on the bottom and they would rate you 1-10. Three add new clothes. 4 make an arrow that could make them turn around. 5 make the customers bring their pets and we could give the pets haircuts. Now lets get to the real cut make a change people will keep this app and not delete because people get sick of the same old same old. Thank 4 reading this 🤠

One thick bih 😩💦👄👌🏿👌🏿


Great game but one thing

I love the game but I would like to see the back of the hair so not just counting on the front but in the back so I am can make the hair even

I love this game but I have a suggestion.

Hi I love to play this game cause you can always make crazy styles and that the third one this game it is even better with new people things you can even change there outfits but my suggestion is that you will be able to make your person be able to turn around so that you can design them from the back. Toca Boca you rule.




I love all toca boca apps. Especially this one! I love how there are so many people to chose from and i like how you can dye their hair ombré. BUT, I also have a great idea!! When you take a picture of your “client”, I think there should be a before and after picture. But anyway, I LOVE THIS APP!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Good app

The only thing I’d add to it is settings so you could turn off the sound

Needs to be updated from time to time!

It would be awesome if there were occasionally updates with seasonal items, a new outfit or character, new hair tools, etc. from time to time. Also, bing able to rotate the character to see the sides or back would be cool.

Great but the characters move too much

It's difficult to style while the characters move there head around. PLEASE change this


I literally cleaned my room to get this SO worth it!!!! So fun playing I recommend you to get this game have a great day😊

New game idea

Could you please make Toca Carnival next? Thanks!

So much fun!!

Toca boca hair salon 3 is my favorite game to play! The best part is, I don't have to have wifi or anything to be able to play this game!! While you get to be creative while hairstyling the persons hair, you can also have tons of fun! A lot of times my friends and I have competitions to see who can do a better hairstyle. The 2.99 is definitely worth it!!

I love it this is amazing but please read

I live all the toca games but they cost money witch is fine but then you make a new one and people totally forget about the last one. So when toca hair 4 comes out are people totally gonna forget about this one?


PLEASE LET US TURN THEM AROUND SO WE CAN GET THE BACK OF THEIR HAIR! Also please add a easier way of making layered bangs and PLEASE have them stay still when cutting their hair because I have trouble cutting their hair straight when they keep tilting or moving their head! One last suggestion is too have a hair layering tool!

Think before you buy

This game along with the rest of the toca boca games stink!!!!!! If you want a game that is actually worth it you should think about getting " My Town " games. They are kinda like these games but 100,000,000,000 times better. Just saying awful games. Don't make the mistake I did and buy a whole lot of toca games and then they end up being the worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Amazing! (^з^)-☆

It is sooo cool I like it how we can do the hair bc the first one I was trying to do a braid wow here it is I give it 5 stars

High quality⭐️.....But

First of all my name is Nicole. I am obsessed with this app! Great quality lots of creativity in it and lots more! The only struggle is that when you try to comb the characters hair, it becomes frustrating because the hairs go all of the place for me and it is just difficult. Idk if you understood that, but everything else in this game is on point☝🏻 P.s. LOVE how you added more characters into the app and more hair styles to choose and SOO much more😘

Great, but...

Has anyone else's guy characters sound like a girl and vis versa?

The best app I have

I love it and it is plain amazing I definitely recommend it for everyone


This game is actually really fun. Really creative. 👍🏾🙂

Beard cutting...

This app is really great and all, but the only problem is that when i make a beard and decide i want to cut it, sometimes i accidentally cut the main hair. Please fix this. -👸🏽olive23thequeeen👸🏽

Love it

I really love this game I play every day when I get a chance. I have a suggestion, maybe we can try and turn the people around so we can see the back of their head. Also maybe there can be something like creative mode and that is like it is now (but you can turn them around) And next it can be called salon mode or something along those lines, the person can give us a brief note on what she or he wants and we do what's on the note, for example the note can say "I want my hair washed, bleached and dyed a blue ish vibrant color ,wavy, long but trimmed." And she or he rates us on how good we did from 1 to 10 and they pay us money. With the money we can maybe buy metallic hair colors or new clothes or something like that. Thank you for listening I hope you can use these ideas.

Please read

Hi guys if ur reading this this game is great just not that good for like 3 dollars it really should be 1 or 2 dollars I rated I 4 stars u may not wanna wast ur money on this kids or ADULTS!

Super fun, but...

This game is AMAZING!! I love it so much but, I would like the characters not to be moving it messes me up a lot and I hate it. Fix that and i will rate 5 stars

Amazing, but a few more things!

This game is like so amazing but just one thing.. I think you should be able to move the character around like spin them and zoom in and out. Also, there should be a tool for ponytails and buns. Another thing is maybe more colors for the multicolor thing. alsoooooo, more clothes plsss. As well as the characters moving less. Overall, this game is great!


Hi there this app is one top but could you make it where the characters want an certain look so you have to design it for them if they don't like it they'll tell you so and make the characters interact with an Facebook account so if the character likes the hairstyle he or she will say I need to tell my friends about you and your business and if you let them they will message your friends from Facebook on Facebook and tell them what a good job youve been doing or of your job could of been better I hope you put this in an recent update ASAP

Great but I've got some suggestions

You guys upgraded everything I wanted and more! The braids and poofy hair were really creative! Very fun and very well thought! It's just, it would be fun if you could turn a big chunk of hair into one braid, apply makeup, have bigger chunkier curls, and possibly be able to see the person from the back as well. Zooming in and out would be very helpful too. And it's hard to make a hair style that looks like a ponytail or bun. But if you add a tool that will do that, try to make it so that you can choose the section of hair you want to turn into a ponytail/bun.

Stupid game

This game needs so much work I can't even explain! Whoever made this is weird 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😾😾😾

Make a free version

We need a free version of toca hair salon 3 to get 7 days free and you could buy monthly passes 1 month 0.99 3 months 14.99 And forever 99.99

Can I please have money back

This game won't give me money back, I spent three dollars on this game and it's not as fun they advertise or say☹️

AWESOME APP, but just one idea...

This app is awesome. I love all the things u can do with the hair, love how u can dye it and curl it and braid it... in short, the app is one top! 👌🏻 but I have one idea that will make it better: I always run in to a problem where I can't get to the hair on the back of he or she's head, so it's not the same length or it's not the same color, and it's really frustrating. So I think you should at some thing where u can spin the person so u can get the back too! Just an idea, but I hope you use it! It would make the app a little more fun, and isn't that the point of this game, to have fun? Any thanks for listening, love the game, and keep being awesome!! 👋🏻

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