Toca Hair Salon 3 App Reviews

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! ❤️

I am currently 10 years old and when I first saw this, I literally ran to my mom and BEGGED her to download it. Toca Boca has really made some great changes to the hair salon, and I absolutely would play it. It’s a great game for kids, and even adults aswell! I highly recommend buying this, and I really hope you try it out. Toca Boca make the best games ever!


I love this game so much. For example, when I saw this game I literally screamed! It is the best! I like this game because you have so many options for which person you want to style their hair with. And you have SO much tools for the styling their hair. Therefore this game is the best!!


Ok, so I am definitely too old to be playing this but it is just so cute! I think anyone of any age can play. It is totally worth $2.99, buy this game, you will enjoy it more than you should, all of the little characters are so adorable and the animation is adorable! All of the characters have different personalities and different hair types. It lets kids have a lot of creative freedom, they can really do whatever they want. I am oddly obsessed with this game❤️ buy it! Buy all of the Toca bocas !!!!!!!!


I love this game but please add objectives like a customer comes in and tells you how they want their hair

Awesome in every way except-

I love this game, everything from the physics to the smoothness of image to the great variety of choices. My only complaint and barrier from 5 stars is how often it crashes. While I’m on the app the music will cut off with a short buzz sound and the game will freeze. I hope you can fix it! Other than that, this game is pretty awesome.

Love it

U should totally get this game and it is very fun bou one thing no ads for once yay!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just hi...


I love this game so much I played it 2 hours straight! You can braid hair, dye it, style it, at accessories, and much more!!! I love this game!! Pls make more like it!

Such a great app loved it and so does my cousin

Great job on the app I love that u can change the music but, I don’t like that u. Can’t change the sky and why does it. Have to rain


One thing I would like is if you could change there eyebrow hair. Then you could make the color of there eyebrow look good with there hair.

Awesome 😻

In every app I rate I try to find something that you can make improvements on. I can’t find any in this. Keep doing great toca boca

I am mad

Can you make these b**** like the hairstyle I give them? I spend hours at work everyday and I come home to relax. All I want at the end of the day is to play my game and be happy but it is IMPOSSIBLE with these girls in the game. They always look “meh” with the hairstyles I give them... what’s their problem ??????? I’m giving them AMAZING AND STYLISH hairstyles !!!!! Super trendy and sh*t and all they do is look “meh” at my hairstyles. Do they have any idea how much practice and patience it takes to give them the hairstyles I give them????????? What’s their problem???? Stuck up b*tches if you ask me... Do they think they are better than me ? Excuse me - I know more about trendy hairstyles than any of them combined... get over yourself !!

Dear Toca boca I live for this app👌❤️👍

Dear toca boca I love this app 100%. I totally recommend this app to toca boca lovers and starters. But I really want you guys to make a character creator in all the apps updates. And maybe lower the price to $2.00. But here is a app suggestion, all of my friends and me want you to make a toca boca life Jobs. I think that would be cool. Keep up the great work toca and just remember to look at the bright side!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I luv you

It's... Better then u'd think

Wow! When I got it, I thought I was going to be just wasting some of my money... BUT NO!!!! It's awesome u should get it rlly u should!! It's fun and EASY and the app itself is the only thing that u need to pay for!! So once u buy the app, u can play it and nothing "inside" the game u need to pay for!!

I need my money back

I was in the App Store when I powered off my phone but since my kid has his finger print on my phone he got this🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬😡😡🤬🤬😡😡

Amazing game

I love this game so much

Amazing Game

I am the kind of person who loves a good game, especially a hair game. I have wanted a Toca Boca game for a while, and so I decided to get this one. It is totally worth it! There are so many tools that you can use that most hair games don’t have. Also, for many games, they are ‘freemium’ so basically to anything good you have to pay like ten dollars! This game, even though it costs money is so worth it and very addictive. To everyone who does not like the game, I’m sorry you feel this way because to me, Toca Hair Salon 3 is an amazing game. Note: I would like to be able to turn the character around and I’d like to be able to see what the characters want for their hair. Thanks, Hawkgirl6002

Bad programming!😡

I have had many experiences with Toca Boca apps. Most have not been so good. I thought I would try this app because it looked fun and eye catching. I have had this app for not even 5 minutes and it has crashed on me 3 times. When I re-enter the app, all my progress is gone. I would really like to see some changes in this app. Not to mention, get my money back!😡


This isn’t related to the app but on life weekly when I watch a video it on play button it makes a weird white and black button please fix it . Thanks please read Toca Boca

I love the game!!!!

But I would like if I can turn the person around to get the back of the hair, get the person to stop moving, have more choices of songs, decorate the salon, and have them see their hair styles.

Definitely worth buying! But...

This is literally the most fun game to kill time and just play around! Definitely worth buying!! Maybe you guys could look into allowing us to save our masterpieces in some sort of gallery within the game, that we can revisit at anytime and play with or fix them! I also wish we would be able to turn the characters around (as highly demanded), as well as make the hair wavy (like beach waves not tight curls)! Thanks so much!

Good Game, but disappointed.

The game itself, is good but when I play the game it glitches. It’s gotten worse over the time I’ve had the game. So, my advice to you if you are looking to buy the game is to not purchase it. All the other Toca Boca Productions are awesome. This one just needs an update.

Eh..... Could Be Better.....

Toca Boca, you need to step up the pace! Oh, and also, more colors, more people, more everything! PLZ………………

A really good game but I would like this to be added!

I really, really like this game. The overall idea of it super good! One thing that I would like to be added is a cashier section, the costumers would pay you on how well you did their haircut ! Also, there could be a request from the client and then you could attempt the cut! Thanks, I hope you can take those ideas in consideration!!!

I adore this game

I love these games! Though I think it’s time for some new tools to make their way into it. Like maybe something for cornrows for POC, and options that allow us to actually pull their hair back in a pony tail and put larger portions of the hair into big braids! Also neon colors and a true red would be awesome!

Fun but needs more to it

I love this app it’s fun and doesn’t waste a lot of battery but it just needs more like maybe customization like having your own avatar or customize the customers face more (like eyes mouth and stuff like that) like make your customers or have it a full body kind of thing like making a whole look instead of just hair like makeup and full outfits or be able to see other players customers and re customize theirs just something so it doesn’t get stale


The happy characters giggle

This brings memories

I remember when I got my first iPod Touch, I got the first version of this game and played it all the time making the weirdest characters with my cousin. It was so much fun. This has a lot of improvements and i love how you can dress the person. It’s so awesome! It was worth paying the amount of money. I’m 11 years old and I enjoy this app so much when I am bored. I love you toca boca. Thanks so much!! But please make it that you can apply makeup. That’ll make it even more fun!! A complete makeover. Thx!

Just two changes

I love this app. It is a favorite game of mine, but there are two things I want to be changed. Can you make it so you can style from the back? And make it easier to have even cuts. I find that the character that I am styling moves right when I start cutting their hair. Then I have to grow it all out and start again. That’s all! Thanks!

Amazing App, just a few ideas!

I love this app and it’s really fun to play a round with and make new hairstyles with! I do have a few ideas though, maybe you should add some more outfits and hairpieces. Also, maybe a more variety of colors. Other than that I love this app!

2 things i would like to change

Hi there i love all the hair salon apps. I wish that we could know what hair styles and types the customers want and easier blending of the hair color (i f you want two toned hair colors) thank you so much if you can respond please do so thank you!!❤️❤️❤️


Amazing game! I still play it at 13 years old, its just way too fun! I think you guys should make it to where the whole character is customizable. Besides that, its fun and addictive. So are the rest of your game, I love roleplaying with Toca Life! <3

Thx so much!!

Thx so much for reading all the reviews! I just have one request: what if u had a different character every time, and u don’t get the same person to do their hair all the time. Thx so much for making it where there r so many more characters, but I just ask for more. Thx so so much! Keep the updates coming, and the games too!!

New games

Hi! I love your games. They are very fun to play. I have a few suggestions for a new game ideas. My first idea was called Toca world travel. You could travel to different games in previous Toca games and you could travel to different places around the world. This game would be very fun and it could have shopping centers malls airports animal shelters and cars that actually move. You could get onto a plane from the airport and choose a different game or a different location in the world to visit. It would be lots of fun to have this because it would be very fun to have a big houses and lots of pets and different ways to play. Thanks so much.

Love it but

I love this app but why not glitter and glitter hair spray💇🏾‍♀️

Love it but...

I would love if the customers told you what they wanted if would be a fun feature.


like it but I wish that it had the feature in Total Hair Salon 2 where you could use your own face

Love it

I love this app, but there’s one thing wrong with it sometimes the girls are boys or the boys or girls that might not make sense but a person with long hair and a dress but have a boy face and a guy with short hair and boy clothes might have a girl face so it be nice if you could fix it.

Meh. Less then meh. 😠

I think that I would rather be my dog then get this app! Well, being my dog would be pretty cool. So I would rather eat 💩 then get this app. It isn’t worth the three bucks. Not at all.

Great! But I want more…

This app is great! But a few things... I want to spin the chair so I can see the back of the persons hair, and I want to see the city and go see people with there hair I gave them, and speaking of the hair I gave them... why can’t I see in there photos of them with my hair!? Please fix this..

I love this game!

I loooovvvvveeee this game so much!! So much to choose from! So many varieties! But I have an idea for another game. What about a mall? There could be shops and restaurants and then a a home or two. It would be really fun! Look into it please!

Just a few things...

I love this app, but a lot of times, the app buzzed and freezes, and I have to exit out, but you should also be able to turn the character around and put in ponytails or buns, and if you have a ponytail, you could have just one braid instead of 200.

Cute,but needs changing

This game is so cute! I play it all the time I am on my device!!! But there are a couple things you makers should add or take away! I feel as though it’s just too simple! Like all the people do is sit down and u cut there hair and it’s over,but what if people from around the world could play and communicate with the kids who play and they could do each other’s hair! I feel like there should be an The game like you choose a character and then they wake up get dressed and they drive in a car! Also the person who u style the hair for should say if they like the hair style you have them or they tell i on they want for an event!!!!! They should walk around the streets! But don’t make it too not like a hair game! You also should take away the option of only some people to do hair for,you should be able to pick their skin color and hair color and eyes!!! Girls should have the opportunity to do the girls makeup for them to be more cute!!💄 I love this game sooo much And I like that for Valentine’s Day the background changes Also the music on the little radio should change as well!! Keep up the good work👍🏻 By:Violet S. Typed date:February of 2018 P.S.Make the little people on the game talk to me and each other people can talk like a bubble comes above there head and says something


I know this is already A LOT of things but l kinda wish there was more... gets boring after some time.😔

Great app

I have no complaints about this app but may I suggest to add a list of the characters interests so if we want to we could style their hair to their liking?

Some suggestions

This is a really good game and one of the better salon games too, but there are some things you could do to make it better, such as: adding a make up portion to it, adding a book of hair styles you could make, and adding the option of having the person wanting a selective look.



Love it but...

I love this app so much but the only suggestion I have is that you change the characters faces because they might look different but it’s kind of the same face. But I really enjoy this app it’s very fun and entertaining thank you.


Dear Toca Boca, I absolutely LOVE this game!!! All the different people are so cute and I love all the different tools. Putting on clothes and accessories are a huge part in their looks too! But, the only thing is I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT EVEN MORE if you would add a rainbow hair dye color with all the colors in the rainbow instead of just different combinations of three to four colors. That would be great if you would! All of the different shades you can chose from are spectacular! Sincerely, your biggest fan💕


This game is so funny! My sister and I love styling the people’s hair and we always laugh

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